February 7, 2023

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YouTube is a rich source of videos, especially music videos. You need an MP3 converter or YouTube downloader to extract and download music files. You can save the music file to a USB drive or computer. If you have a YouTube video that you want to transfer to a USB device, you must first save and convert the video on your computer. You can then transfer the recorded video file to your device using a USB cable.

Log in to YouTube and find the video you want to isolate. Copy the video URL and use a new browser to go to a site like y2mate.com or savefrom.net. Paste the video URL here Paste it in the link field; make sure the .mp3 field is in the bottom right corner. These sites work in roughly the same way and all of them allow you to download videos from Youtube to MP3 Converter . Then press the Start button.

Click on the option to download videos from the website.

Click the download button. The link should appear after a moment. Click this link to download your YouTube video.

Connect the USB device to the computer. Click “Open” once, which will automatically appear on your computer screen. Open the default download folder. Click on the YouTube file and drag it from your computer to the folder on the USB device.

Transferring music stored on a computer to a USB stick should be relatively easy. As long as you know where your music is stored on your computer, copying and pasting music files to your USB drive should be easy once it’s connected. If you are using a computer with a Windows operating system, you can complete the following steps.

Connect the USB memory stick to one of the empty USB ports on the computer.

Open Windows Explorer. The USB drive should appear as an e-drive under “My Computer”. It may be called “removable disk” or you may have renamed it.

In 2005, the world’s largest video sharing site was born. Its creators called it YouTube. It was soon bought by search engine giant Google for around $1.6 billion. You can easily share your videos with the world on this platform. Millions of people around the world are watching your videos. Below are some of the benefits of hosting YouTube videos. Read more to learn more.

Large global audience

The foundation of a company’s success is visibility. In terms of visibility, you have no better option than YouTube. Once you’ve uploaded the video and selected the correct category and location, you’re all set. If a lot of people like your video, it can go viral. When it goes viral, it attracts a large number of viewers in a short period of time. So the site has a large audience.


Hosting costs

If you want to host your personal or business videos on a paid hosting service, the cost will be higher. On the other hand, if you choose YouTube to host your videos, the cost is zero. You don’t need to spend money on the functional part of your YouTube channel. The website administration takes care of everything. All you have to do is uploading and publish your original videos.

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