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What Makes The Best Shower Head?

Posted by on May 16, 2022 0

As you want to delve a little more about this type of device, I will break down some things that you should ask yourself in a comparative way, with the models that you wish to acquire, so you will know if you have come across the ideal piece for your bathroom.

Does it provide a strong stream of water?

Professional reviews generally find that Customers are most satisfied with shower heads that produce a powerful stream and plenty of coverage.

Does it reduce water consumption?

Standard 2.5 gpm showerheads will save water compared to 5 gpm dinosaur models; however, you can find some devices that barely use 1.5 gpm, while still providing good water pressure. So to be aware of the brand of the product, it can be a differential point in your choice.

Does it keep the water temperature hot?

Systems with aerators use air pressure to help increase the sensation of stronger water pressure. However, this can cool the liquid down significantly between the time it comes out of the shower and the time it hits your skin. So check out many of the manufacturers that offer innovative and patented technologies that increase pressure without cooling the water too much.

Does it install easily?

Most models are fairly easy to install with just an adjustable wrench, some Teflon, and of course, a good instruction manual. In any case, don’t forget to have a Customer Helpline at hand, in case of an emergency.

Is it easy to adjust?

Some shower head has only one flow pattern, but those with many should be easy to switch between.

Is it durable?

The shower head should not break or leak, the finish should also not wear easily, and offer rust protection. Therefore, for greater durability, always look for good quality items.

Other helpful tips

Take a look at the list of questions that I share below as they can help you define and improve the use of your shower head.

Do you need a hand shower?

Hand showers are more versatile than fixed models. They can function as a braced head when sitting on a stand. They can be removed to focus the spray on a part of the body; they are useful for cleaning objects and bathing our pets in the bathtub.

However, some reviews comment that traditional parts are preferable for the best results in the long run, so I only suggest you buy the mobile ones if you need them.

What spray pattern do you prefer?

Some users like a firm, invigorating stream, others prefer a gentle but full coverage spray, while others prefer the water to fall down for a pulsating massage. Whichever style of shower you like best, look for a piece that does a good job of spraying it. Also, if more people use the bathroom, it is best to find a shower that suits both.

What is your height?

Some artichokes can pose problems for users who are very tall or very short. Very large pieces, for example, can hang too low, so that taller people cannot stand comfortably under it.

Other heads are so tall that shorter users cannot reach them to change settings. Therefore, it is important that you measure your shower enclosure before buying it and find out what the height and angle of the device will be once it is installed.

Do you need an extension arm?

If you find a shower head you like, but it seems like it’s too far away to be fully effective after it’s been installed, you can purchase some flexible bumps from the plumbing department.

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